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Welcome to HiTech Fluid Systems

Established in 1999, HiTech Fluid Systems is one of the leading providers of quality drilling fluids and related chemicals for the petroleum industry. We are a full service, Canadian based company offering reliable, high quality solutions around the globe.

hitech fluid systems works
on a global level

Our operations span multiple regions, countries, and continents. We are Canada’s most experienced drilling fluid experts.

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our flagship product, the
Aphron ICS System

involves dynamic, multiple phase flow that controls whole fluid, filtrate, and solids invasion into your reservoir. The ability of this fluid technology to deliver a solids-free invasion control is a key differentiator.

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HiTech HSE Program

HiTech HSE ProgramHiTech Fluid Systems is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and all others involved in, or impacted by, our operations, while at the same time protecting the environment in which we work and conduct our activities.

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…and the Aphron Fluid System

The Aphron Fluid System is very different from other surfactant and micellar based fluid technologies. The technology design involves dynamic, multiple phase flow that controls whole fluid, filtrate, and solids invasion into your reservoir.

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Our Memberships

HiTech Fluid Systems health and safety program takes top priority on all our projects. Our zero incident track record provides comfort to our customers that our mud engineers execute all best practices when on the job.

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Complex & Diverse Construction

HiTech Fluid Systems has had successes all over the globe. With our experience and expertise, we have been able to create efficiencies for our clients in both operational and financial areas. View our Aphron ICS Fluid System case studies from various regions to see details.

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Great Leadership = Great Results

HiTech’s Board of Directors provide strategic guidance, sets policy direction, and ensures that we are fairly reporting progress and maintaining the highest ethical standard.

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Get Career Satisfaction

HiTech Fluid Systems is an industry leader which means we have great opportunities for motivated individuals to get into the oil and gas sector, or progress their career. View our Employment Opportunities area for any openings we may currently have.

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HiTech Fluid Systems Sets Up Shop in Iraq

HiTech Fluid Systems opens operational office in the City of Erbil, located in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

HiTech Fluid has opened an operational office in the Capital City of Erbil along with a secure distribution warehouse to support its operations. The company has a full service, mobile mud testing lab as part of its service package along with all chemical additives, whole fluid systems and mud engineers.

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