Aphron ICS Fluid Program

Aphron ICS Fluid Program

The Aphron ICS™ Fluid System has been employed in many workover scenarios around the globe. The features of full density fluids, controlled invasion, controlled leakoff, expedient clean up, environmental friendliness, ease-of-use, and proven performance make it a high-quality, value choice.

The Aphron ICS Fluid should be considered as an option for several reasons including:

  1. Previous attempts to kill the well with other options were unsuccessful.
  2. Aphron fluid has the advantage in that it is solids free and contains two (2) loss circulation mechanisms:
    1. Aphron bubbles to set up a micro-environment.
    2. Thixotropic Low Shear Rate Viscosity Fluid.
  3. Aphron fluid is non-damaging.
  4. Aphron fluid is a variable density fluid, with a pressurized density of 1025-1030kg/m3.
  5. Aphron fluid can be adjusted to withstand temperatures to 165 degrees C.
  6. Aphron fluid is compatible with small amounts of acid gases.
  7. Aphron fluid has been used successfully in Heavy Oil – Tar Sand applications with excellent results for numerous operators.

The Aphron ICS Fluid should be considered for several operations including:

  • Fishing Operations
  • Vent Leaks
  • Perforating
  • Testing Lower/Upper zones of interest
  • Remove & Replace packers
  • Milling operations
  • Hole Clean out (Mechanical bailing alternative)
Formation Extremes

  Formation Pressure Temperature Depth H2S Content
High 44.59 mPa
(1,510 kg/m3, 12.6 lbs/gal)
162°C (325 °F)
Tested to 185 °C (365 °F)
4,046 mMD (13,274 ft)
3,646 mTDV (11,962 ft)

Low 360 kg/m3 equivalent
(3.0 lbs/gal)

Workover Operations (Field Data)

Time & cost savings to your workover operations.

Over and over again operators are realizing time and cost savings as a result of aphron technology, as exemplified by the accompanying graph. It is hard to argue with such success.


Aphron Fluid Systems deliver results.

The Aphron Fluid System product line has been used on hundreds of wells to date in various global settings, with consistent success in controlled invasion and leakoff, improved wellsite operations, accelerated fluid recoveries, improved production profiles, and improved well design efficiencies. The technology has been deployed in various phases of drilling and production with marked positive results.

The Aphron Fluid System is custom designed to optimize your operations, reservoir potential, and production. This means improved ROI for you.

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