Aphron ICS Fluid System

Aphron ICS Fluid System

The Aphron Fluid System design involves dynamic, multiple phase flow that controls whole fluid, filtrate, and solids invasion into your reservoir. The ability of this fluid technology to deliver a solids-free invasion control is a key differentiator.

The Aphron Fluid System is very different from other surfactant and micellar based fluid technologies. The technology design involves dynamic, multiple phase flow that controls whole fluid, filtrate, and solids invasion into your reservoir.

The co-polymers and surfactants package (or “Aphrons”) in the Aphron Fluid System provides the fluid with some very unique properties, not the least of which is the ability of this fluid technology to deliver solids-free invasion control, which is a key differentiator of the Aphron Fluid System.

System Sell Sheet

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Optimized Well Construction

Aphrons aggregate to form a micro-environment seal.

Aphrons in the Aphron Fluid System rapidly aggregate within the reservoir as soon as the fluid comes in contact with it. The LSRV within this micro-environment seal increases dramatically thereby driving up resistance to invasion, aiding in leakoff control.

The aggregated aphron seal is then simply removed by reducing the annular pressure below that of the reservoir pressure, which allows the aphrons to back flow.

This technique has been applied with success around the world on hundreds of wells. In most cases, no workover rig was needed to cleanup the well as it flowed naturally.

View the Aphron Bubble rendering to the right for a closer look at how this technology works. For an even greater in-depth look, click the start now button below to view our Aphron Fluid System presentation.

Improves Operations (Field Data)

Aphron Fluid Systems improves well construction performance as demonstrated in the following field data.

A series of horizontal wells were drilled in an environment where very high annular-to-reservoir pressure differentials existed across high porosity and high permeability sands. Differential sticking and related issues historically translate into significant loss of time as well as cost over-runs. The Aphron Fluid System aleviates many of these issues.

The Aphron Fluid System serves as a technological bridge between the formations and the drilling equipment, thereby negating the differential sticking issues and allowing for the use of a full density fluid ensuring stability of exposed pressured shale’s, as well as enables the use of LWD technology, and optimized overall well construction performance.

The net result was a 45 percent reduction in well construction time (22 – 25 days versus the historical 43 days) and all wells achieving their design criteria.

Improves Well Design (Field Data)

The Aphron Fluid System optimizes well design efficiencies as demonstrated in the following field data.

Aphron Fluid System has enabled the redesign of wells in mature fields thereby driving improved field economics into the picture.

When reservoir depletion has you thinking your only solution is intermediate pipe to potentially achieve your well design objective, think again. Time and time again the Aphron Fluid System has mitigated the issues associated within these challenging mature environments, enabling the use of full density fluids, optimizing the working environment and eliminating the need for an intermediate string of pipe.

The net result has shown reduced well construction costs by $1,500,000.00 – $2,000,000.00 per well.


Aphron Fluid Systems deliver results.

The Aphron Fluid System product line has been used on hundreds of wells to date in various global settings, with consistent success in controlled invasion and leakoff, improved wellsite operations, accelerated fluid recoveries, improved production profiles, and improved well design efficiencies. The technology has been deployed in various phases of drilling and production with marked positive results.

The Aphron Fluid System is custom designed to optimize your operations, reservoir potential, and production. This means improved ROI for you.

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