Board of Directors

Board of Directors

HiTech’s Board of Directors provide strategic guidance, sets policy direction, and ensures that we are fairly reporting progress and maintaining the highest ethical standard.

With over 200 years of combined experience working with major mud companies globally, our team has the knowledge and resource to help on any well.

HiTech’s Board of Directors consists of 3 directors. They are:

James Paradis

Jim Paradis has worked in the oil & gas industry since 1967, most recently in senior management and ownership positions. Jim is the co-founder and current President of HiTech Fluid Systems.

Jim has sat on and supervised numerous deep Rocky Mountain Foothill wells in Alberta and British Columbia; set up operations in Argentina and monitored day-to-day operations from Calgary; supervised operation in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, as a duty free zone from Calgary. Jim is also an active director on other boards.

Education, Geographic & Work Experience

  • Schools: Preston Moore School (1990), Baroid Well Logging School (1969), Baroid Drilling Fluids Mud School (1969); Training: WHIMIS, H2S, TDG and First Aid Training, 2nd Line Well control (current).
  • Worked in Alberta, British Columbia, NW and SW Saskatchewan, Yemen, Algeria, Pakistan, Senegal, British and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, Turkey, USA, Thums Island.
  • Previous employers include Wilson Mud Service, Baroid of Canada, Nugget and S&T Drilling, Serval Integrated Energy Services – Fluid Division.
  • Co-Founder of Protec Mud Service.
Wayne Crosbie

Wayne Crosbie is an experienced operations manager specializing in drilling fluid applications, who has worked in the oil and gas industry since 1975. Wayne is the co-founder and current Vice President of HiTech Fluid Systems.

Wayne has supervised geothermal wells in Japan and British Columbia, supervised and sat on well blowouts for Mobil and Shell East Coast Canada; sat on and supervised deep Rocky Mountain Foothills wells in Alberta and British Columbia as well as drilled 90+ horizontal wells in Saskatchewan. Wayne has significant offshore experience working in Greece on hot saturated H2S wells and high pressure, high temperature offshore East Coast Canada wells.

Education, Geographic & Work Experience

  • Petroleum Technology Diploma, British Columbia Institute of Technology, 1980.
  • Schools: Quality Control School (1995), Well Control School (1984).
  • Work over & Completions School, Solids Control School (1983).
  • Magcobar Advance Mud & Sales School (1981), Magcobar Basic Mud School (1980).
  • Training: WHIMIS, H2S and TDG Training (current), ISO 9000 (1997).
  • Polymer & Dewatering (1987), Hydraulics (1984).
  • Worked in Alberta, British Columbia, NW and SW Saskatchewan, offshore Canadian East Coast, Aegean & Ionic Sea, Greece, and in the British sector of the North Sea.
  • Previous employers include M-I Drilling Fluids, United Corrosion Consultants, Caproco Corrosion Consultants, TransCanada Pipelines and Serval Integrated Energy Services.
Tom Brookey

Tom Brookey has extensive expertise in drilling fluids engineering, development and management. Tom is currently President of MASI Technologies and has been a member of numerous boards including, Past Chairman, IADC Drilling Fluids Subcommittee and Past President of the Association Independent Mud Companies.

Excluding 1963-1965 when Tom served his country in the US Army, he has been working in the oil & gas industry since 1957 starting as a Roughneck while in college.

Tom has worked much of the deep basin throughout the US and Canada as well as offshore Gulf, Yemen, Venezuela and other locations globally. Tom is the author of numerous technical papers and articles and holds US and international patents.

Education, Geographic & Work Experience

  • Texas Tech, Civil Engineering (1965-1966).
  • US Army (1963-1965).
  • South Plains Junior College (1957-1963).
  • Worked deep Delaware basin, Powder River, Wind River, and Uintah basin. Rocky Mountains from Wyoming and Utah including the Anadarko basin. Rockies, Gulf Coast, South Texas, California, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas panhandle and horizontals in Williston basin. Deepwater Mississippi Canyon and Green Canyon.
  • Previous companies include ActiSystems, Inc, Global Drilling Fluids, DrilMud Inc, Runnels Mud and Runco, Inc., Grace/DMI, Drillimg Mud, Inc, Milchem, Humble Oil (Exxon), Brown Supply Company, Perry Drilling Company.

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