Flocculated Water System

Flocculated Water System

We design drilling fluid programs to conquer the most challenging reservoirs and deliver results that surpass expectations.

FLOCCULATED WATER systems are most often used to drill upper hole sections. The main advantages of flocculated water include:

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Rapid ROP’s
  3. Low solids, non-abrasive
  4. Easy Maintenance
  5. Resistant to Contamination
  6. Sump water may be reclaimed for building drilling fluid

When drilling with flocculated water, polymers are added to the circulating system at surface, usually near the shale shaker. These polymers become attracted to drilled solids, causing them to aggregate. The increased effective diameter of the aggregates promotes rapid settling. The objective of this system is to supply completely clear water to the pump suction.

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