Lost Circulation Materials

Lost Circulation Materials

HiTech Fluid Systems Ltd. provides high quality polymers which attract to drilled solids, causing them to aggregate. The increased effective diameter of the aggregates promote rapid settling and help to supply clear water to the pump suction.

Here are product sheets and MSDS sheets for lost circulation materials for key chemicals.

Chemical Product Sheet MSDS Sheet
Walnut Hulls Walnut Hulls Walnut Hulls
Cellophane Cellophane Cellophane
G-Seal G-Seal Unavailable
Kwik Seal Kwik Seal Kwik Seal
Gypsum Gypsum Gypsum
Mica Mica Mica
Multi-Seal Multi-Seal Multi-Seal
Sawdust Sawdust Sawdust
Ultra Seal XP Ultra Seal XP Ultra Seal XP

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